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Our History

Borneo Gazette, founded in 2020 and relaunched in May 2023, is a political news portal with a mission to serve the communities in Sabah and beyond through credible, insightful, and educational political information. Initially backed by the GRS government, the portal underwent a period of dormancy for almost a year in 2022 during which the team reevaluated and refined its goals and strategies.

Now, as Borneo Gazette resumes operations, it stands as a hub for community engagement, political accountability, and advocacy for social change. With a renewed commitment to integrity, transparency, and quality journalism, Borneo Gazette aims to bridge the gap between policy-making and citizens, fostering a well-informed and active electorate in a time where combating misinformation is more important than ever.

Our Mission, Vision, Motivation, and Inspiration

Borneo Gazette was born out of a commitment to serve the public by providing factual, educational, and insightful political information. Our motivations are deeply rooted in the principles of public service, education, advocacy for social change, transparency, democracy, and combating misinformation. These motivations guide our mission and vision.

Our Mission

  • Public Service and Education: To serve society by providing impartial and educational political information, empowering citizens to make informed decisions.
  • Advocacy and Social Change: To use our platform as a voice for policies and social changes that positively impact communities.
  • Transparency and Accountability: To hold government officials and institutions accountable by shedding light on political actions, decisions, and scandals.
  • Supporting Democracy: To foster a vibrant democracy by engaging citizens with crucial political information, promoting an informed electorate.
  • Counter Misinformation and Fake News: To prioritise accuracy and truth in our reporting, combating the dissemination of misinformation and fake news.

Our Vision

  • Beacon of Trust: To be recognised as a leading source of political journalism known for integrity, accuracy, and public service.
  • Empowerment through Information: To empower citizens by providing them with the information and tools needed to actively participate in the democratic process.
  • Influencing Positive Change: To serve as a catalyst for meaningful policy reforms and social changes through the insights and discussions generated on our platform.
  • Diverse and Inclusive Community: To reflect and represent the diversity of the communities we serve by including a range of voices and perspectives.
  • Innovation and Adaptation: To continuously evolve by embracing new technologies and platforms, ensuring effective communication and engagement with our audience.

By aligning our motivations with our mission and vision, Borneo Gazette is dedicated to being more than just a news portal. We aspire to be an agent of positive change, a guardian of truth, and a platform for community engagement and empowerment.

Achievements and Milestones

As a recently re-established news portal, Borneo Gazette is in its early stages of development. However, we consider the relaunch itself to be an achievement. Coming back stronger with a renewed vision and mission signals our commitment to providing valuable content to our audience.

Our social media channels have started to gain traction, and we view this as an integral part of building our brand and community. We are grateful for each follower and are encouraged to see a growing number of people engaging with our content.

We are ambitious and have set several milestones for the near future. Our goals include expanding our team, broadening the range of topics we cover, and forging partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals. Keep an eye on Borneo Gazette as we chart our path forward!

Focus and Coverage

Borneo Gazette places a strong emphasis on local politics within Sabah. We believe that empowering communities begins at the local level, and we are committed to bringing issues that affect the day-to-day lives of Sabahans to light.

We also recognize the importance of national politics, especially issues and policies that have direct implications for Sabah. Our coverage in this realm is designed to provide the context and analysis that help our audience understand the bigger picture.

Looking ahead, Borneo Gazette plans to branch out into cultural and economic issues. We recognize that these areas are deeply intertwined with politics, and exploring them will allow us to provide a more comprehensive view of the forces that shape our society.

Special Features and Columns

Special features and columns are vital components of Borneo Gazette. We believe that engaging, in-depth articles and opinions can stimulate thought and contribute to a well-informed public.

We have begun reaching out to individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute to our columns. These collaborators will bring expertise, unique perspectives, and fresh voices to our platform.

As Borneo Gazette continues to grow, we aim to establish regular columns that focus on specific issues, hosted by experts and community leaders. We believe that this will create a multifaceted platform that not only reports news but also delves deeper into the issues that matter.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

Community engagement is not just an aspect of our work; it is central to our purpose. We believe that a media portal is most effective when it goes beyond broadcasting information and fosters dialogue and participation.

Social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, allow us to reach a diverse audience. We aim to utilise these platforms to engage in conversations, solicit feedback, and encourage community members to voice their concerns.

Additionally, Borneo Gazette aspires to be an active participant in community development. This includes covering local events, supporting social causes, and partnering with organizations that work towards the betterment of Sabah.

Quality and Integrity

Borneo Gazette is built on the bedrock of journalistic integrity. We understand that the trust of our readers is earned through consistent, high-quality reporting that is both accurate and fair.

Our team of experienced writers is deeply committed to journalistic standards. This means rigorous fact-checking, citing credible sources, and presenting diverse viewpoints. We are not here to push an agenda but to inform and empower through truth.

We also value feedback and consider it essential for maintaining quality and integrity. We encourage our readers to engage with us, challenge us, and help us constantly improve the quality of our content.

Additional Message

At Borneo Gazette, we believe in the power of information as a tool for positive change. We see ourselves as partners with our audience in creating a more informed and engaged society.

We invite you to not just read but to participate. Share our content, engage in discussions, and let us know how we can serve you better. Your voice matters to us. By adding your perspectives and insights to the conversations, you help enrich the discourse and create a more holistic and comprehensive narrative.

Our commitment to the community is unwavering. As we grow, we will continue to explore new avenues to serve, empower, and uplift the people of Sabah and beyond. We are here for the long haul, and we understand that this journey is one of constant learning and adaptation.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the support you have shown us thus far. Together, as a community bound by shared values and aspirations, let’s make Borneo Gazette a beacon of integrity, insight, and positive change. Here’s to building a brighter future, one story at a time.