Power-crazed desperadoes just won’t give up

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Hajiji (left) and Musa

KOTA KINABALU: I’ve said this before and I say it again . . . these desperadoes will never stop their bid to destabilise the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) state government led by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajiji Haji Noor.

Not so long ago, legacy issues relating to power and water would crop up regularly with the people of Sabah being told “this is what you face under an inefficient government”.

The opposition thought they could achieve their ultimate goal – which is to discredit the government – so that the support on the ground would shift towards them.

And when all that didn’t work the once powerful name in Sabah “Musa Aman” has suddenly surfaced.

Not that the opposition miss him, but their obvious strategy is to pit him against the sitting Chief Minister Hajiji.

They want to cause a rift between Musa and Hajiji and to destabilise the government.

These desperadoes are trying desperately to put a chink in GRS in the hope that support for the Chief Minister will erode going into election.

The next state election must be held at the latest by December 2025.

It’s quite clear that these desperadoes want to “kill two birds with one stone”. First to defame Musa and to show he is power crazy, and second, to break the people’s trust in Hajiji and his administration.

But, if they think they can achieve this “nefarious plan”, they’d better think again.

Sabah Baru News recently published an opinion piece in which a political observer said there was a concerted effort to cause a deep rift between Musa and Hajiji in a bid to distract the latter from his task at hand with the aim of destabilising the GRS government.

The observer said leaders with vested interests through their faceless henchmen on social media have been hurling accusations against Musa – this time claiming he was behind an attempt to topple Hajiji.

He said the defamatory article posted on Facebook by MAWAR Channel and reposted by one Michael Peter Govind claimed that in the last three weeks, a group known as ‘Geng Musang King’ was purportedly attempting to topple Hajiji as Chief Minister.

Based on the accompanying photo of Musa, one can only deduce that Musang King was in reference to Musa Aman, the observer added.

The article also accused ‘Geng Musang King’ of attacking and slandering Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal and Warisan as the party was seen as the greatest threat to Musa’s political comeback.

Enough is enough! If you (opposition) care for the people of Sabah, don’t disrupt the current administration and if you think you are better, then wait for 2025. 

The state election may even be held earlier.

Musa has retired and has been lying low for quite some time but “when push comes to shove” he might re-emerge to throw his support behind Hajiji and GRS.

And, if you think you can easily ride roughshod over a man who was Chief Minister for 15 years, think again.

After the election victory in 2020, Hajiji and his team of able leaders had stepped up to the plate.

Investor confidence skyrocketed, boosting the economy following the launch of the Chief Minister’s brainchild – the Sabah Maju Jaya (SMJ) roadmap – two years ago.

And, the inflow of RM6.9 billion from three major investments will create 12,750 jobs for the people of Sabah.

For the record, state revenues in the last two years alone amounted to over RM12 billion. – Commentary by FCBH

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