Government to develop Sabah with the Chinese community: Chief Minister

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TUARAN: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajiji Haji Noor has given assurance that the government will develop Sabah together with the Chinese community.

“That is why when I became Chief Minister, I looked at the needs of all the communities including the Chinese and non-Muslim, and we have given huge allocation,” he said at the Pesta Tanglung 2023 celebration at Dewan Seri Sulaman here on Thursday.

He said the State Government welcomed activities such as the Pesta Tanglung to further strengthen the spirit of togetherness and tolerance among the community.

The Government has always supported all races in celebrating their respective festivals in the state, he added.

“It is to ensure that the culture inherited from our ancestors can be passed on to the younger generation and not be lost,” he said.

Hajiji hoped this event would serve as a bridge towards strengthening unity and harmony among the multi-racial people in this state, in accordance with the spirit of Malaysia Madani concept advocated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

“Sabah is indeed unique because often, in a large family, there are members of different religion and race, but the family institution remained intact,” he said.

“Therefore, I ask the people of Sabah to continue to maintain the spirit of harmony regardless of race and religion and celebrate every festival together,” he said.

The Chief Minister was happy to note that the Chinese community and other ethnic groups in the state celebrated the Pesta Tanglung together.

“This shows that other races are interested in making this festival merrier. Besides the Chinese New Year, the Pesta Tanglung is another important event for the Chinese community in this country. We are thankful because Malaysia is rich in culture and traditions, especially in Sabah, our beloved state,” he said.

Hajiji hoped the Chinese community and the people, in general, would always be with the Government in developing this state.

A total of 17 contingents representing schools and associations participated in the Pesta Tanglung contest.

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