Fulbright and MACEE symbols of hope, unity

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KOTA KINABALU: The Fulbright Programme runs by the Malaysia-American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE) can help to foster cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation.

Speaking at the MACEE 60th anniversary celebrations held at University College Sabah Foundation in Sembulan near here today, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajiji Haji Noor said the educational exchange has never been more significant in a constantly changing world.

“At a time when international relations can sometimes be strained, programmes like Fulbright and organisations like MACEE stand as symbols of hope, unity, and friendship,” he said in his speech read by Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Haji Mohd Ariffin Mohd Arif.

Hajiji added that as Chief Minister of Sabah, he shared in the joy of this remarkable achievement. The Fulbright Programme, initiated by the U.S. government in 1946, has been a beacon of hope and opportunity for countless individuals worldwide. MACEE has been instrumental in facilitating this transformative experience for Malaysians for six remarkable decades.

“The Fulbright Programme, as we all know it, embodies the very essence of international cooperation and collaboration, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering relationships built on knowledge, respect and shared values.

“And, it has empowered talented Malaysians to pursue advanced studies in the United States, gaining invaluable expertise in various fields and bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and new perspectives when they returned home,” Hajiji said.

The Chief Minister also commended the pivotal role played by MACEE in connecting aspiring Malaysians with their American counterparts, providing guidance and support, and fostering a sense of community.

“MACEE’s commitment to excellence and its tireless efforts in promoting educational exchange are truly commendable. Congratulations and well done.

“I encourage all of you to continue supporting and championing the cause of educational exchange. Let us strive to nurture the next generation of leaders, scholars, and innovators who will bridge divides and shape a brighter future for Malaysia and the world.

“In doing so, we pay homage to the legacy of Fulbright MACEE and ensure that its impact continues for generations to come,” he said.

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