Warisan Exposed: Fear Tactics and Whispered Alliance

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KOTA KINABALU: Warisan is facing serious allegations following the leak of a screenshot from an alleged party-operated WhatsApp group, hinting at potentially manipulative tactics and, interestingly, a possible covert alliance with Barisan Nasional (BN).

The leaked material reveals instructions purportedly given to ‘cybertroopers’ to amplify localised issues such as water shortages, power supply problems, and poor road conditions, misleadingly portraying them as statewide emergencies.

The ‘cybertroopers’ are allegedly instructed to post daily about these problems without specifying the exact locations, making it difficult to fact-check or debunk the information.

Perhaps more intriguing is the directive in the same message not to attack BN leaders or the party itself, which has stirred speculation among netizens about an under-the-table alliance between Warisan and BN.

STAR Organising Secretary Eddy Westley Edwin Linggu said this speculation is not entirely unfounded; in January of this year, leaders from BN and Warisan openly collaborated in a failed attempt to topple the current GRS government.

“If these allegations are true, this is a serious manipulation of public sentiment. It’s alarming to see how our social media platforms could potentially be misused for disinformation campaigns instead of fostering genuine dialogue and debate,” he told Borneo Gazette.

In the wake of these allegations, Warisan’s Information Chief Datuk Azis Jamman issued a denial, insisting no such group exists within the party’s structure. Warisan also made a police report and a complaint to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), maintaining that the screenshot is a fabrication.

Despite the denial, Eddy urged the public to remain cautious as a denial or police report does not equate to innocence.

“Fact-checking and verification are our primary defenses against such tactics. The authorities must thoroughly investigate these allegations to ensure that political parties are held accountable for their digital conduct,” he said.

Eddy said if there is any truth to the alleged covert alliance between Warisan and Sabah BN, it raises serious questions about the sincerity of these parties’ commitments to Sabahans.

“In our pursuit of a healthier political climate, these allegations must be thoroughly examined. If found to be accurate, appropriate actions must be taken. Our political landscape, our public discourse, and indeed, our democracy, depend on it,” he concluded.

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