Madius: It is normal to aspire for a bigger role in any party

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KOTA KINABALU: Upko’s solitary state assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick has offered his service to lead the party if this is the wishes of its members.

The Upko vice president said he was not issuing a direct challenge to the present President Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau but merely offering his service track record as the Kadamaian assemblyman for members to consider when the time comes for them to choose their leader.

Ewon Benedick (left) and Madius Tangau (right) – Pic TheBorneoGazette

Ewon said this at his Upko Kota Belud division triennial general meeting in Taginambur, Kota Belud on Monday. It was officiated by Upko deputy president Datuk Donald Mojuntin.

The next day, Madius responded that all party posts would be up for grabs during the party triennial congress this year and that it was natural for any political party member to have the aspiration to hold more considerable responsibility and contribute more significantly to the party.

In a statement, Madius said Upko welcomed such enthusiasm and commitment from its members.

The Member of Parliament for Tuaran said Upko understood the challenges of being in the opposition which leads to various ideas and opinions on the party’s leadership and its direction in order to serve the people better.

“More so when the general election is right around the corner,” he said.

“But, what is equally important is that I am confident and now felt at ease when knowing that the party election this year will be based on ensuring the unity, strength and sincerity in Upko’s struggle remained intact and protected,” he said.-TheBorneoGazette

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