Hajiji calls for PBT members to work together to ensure success of SMJ Plan 2020-2025

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TUARAN: Chief Minister Datuk Hajiji Noor has called on all members of local authorities (PBT) including district councils to work closely with the state government to ensure the success of the state’s strategic five-year development plan, dubbed Sabah Maju Jaya (SMJ) Plan 2021-2025.

The SMJ Plan, scheduled to be revealed in January, is a development strategy to revive the state’s economy and promote socio-economic welfare for the people.

Hajiji (seated centre) and State elected representatives in Tuaran with the newly appointed Tuaran Councillors.-Photo by CMD Press Office

Hajiji said all the parties involved should be sensitive and proactive in implementing every plan decided by the state government.

“I do hope that all PBT and district council members will work together as a team and take the responsibility to ensure that whatever plans and aspirations of the ruling government can be implemented transparently and effectively.

“Members of the PBT and district councils should also be proactive, especially in delivering services to the people. Equip yourselves with knowledge and understanding of your functions, roles and duties to facilitate the development planning and implementation,” he said at the swearing-in ceremony and presentation of letters of appointment to the 20 new Tuaran District Council members for the 2020/2022 term, here today.

Hajiji said the appointment of district council members was aimed at assisting the PBT in policy-making, planning and monitoring its development programmes, hence the need for them to understand their roles as well as to uphold integrity, transparency and public accountability.

“To bring changes in the administration and management of local authorities, the duty of district councillors is not only to receive complaints from the people but also to go to the ground to get a clearer picture of the problems faced by the people in their areas,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hajiji said the state government has allocated RM25.5 million in the state’s 2021 budget for various public facilities in 24 local authorities throughout Sabah, in addition to the RM4 million allocated to drive and boost the economic growth of new towns.

To strengthen the competitiveness of local authorities in terms of working capital, the state government has also allocated RM36.53 million to local authorities in next year’s budget, he said.

“I hope these allocations will be put into optimal use by all the local authorities in Sabah to provide a better service and facilities to the people,” he said.


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