11 native court officials and Tuaran Warisan secretary pledged support for Joniston

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TUARAN: Kiulu Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) candidate Datuk Joniston Bangkuai received a major boost Monday when 11 native court officials and Tuaran Warisan secretary Rhodes Panilau pledged full support to him.

On hand to witness the significant event was PBS Premier Advisor Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan who was at Kampung Malangang Lama to lend support to Joniston’s campaign.

Kiulu Native Chief Panilau Kohong (eighth from right) and his son Rhodes (fifth from right),
former Tuaran Warisan secretary, pledging their support to Joniston (ninth from right) together with Pairin (centre) in Kampung Malangang Lama on, Monday. PBS Media Team Photo

The community leaders, led by Kiulu Native Chief Panilau Kohong, said they have decided to back Joniston because they have seen sincerity in his struggle for the people.

Despite facing the risk of losing their position in the native court for supporting an opposition, Panilau said what was of paramount importance is saving Sabah.

“We have seen just how vocal Joniston is in raising the issue of illegal immigrants, which is the mother of all problems in Sabah.

“We share Joniston’s struggle, which is based on PBS ideals to fight for the rights and protection of Sabahan as well as the state,” he said.

Others who pledged support to Joniston were Native Chief Konduman Gopoi and nine Ketua Kampung (Village ChiefS).

Meanwhile, Rhodes said he ditched Warisan because he had lost confidence in the party after it reneged on many of its promises such as elected representatives will not be appointed as GLCs chairman and that the Chief Minister will not hold the Finance portfolio, among others.

“By turning their back on their promises, it just goes to show that the Warisan Plus government is not trustworthy,” he said.

For the record, Rhodes contested under the Parti Keadilan Rakyat ticket in Kiulu in the 2013 General Election and lost only by 44 votes to Joniston.-Borneo Gazette

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