PN, BN and PBS likely to face off in 11 seats

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KOTA KINABALU: Perikatan Nasional (PN) and its allies Barisan Nasional (BN) and Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) are likely to face off against each other in at least 11 seats in the forthcoming Sabah state election based on the lists of candidates announced by them yesterday.

Among the seats appearing in either of their lists were Bengkoka (Umno/PBS), Telupid (Umno/PBS), Matunggong (PBS/PBRS), Kadamaian (PBS/PBRS), Tandek (PBS/PBRS), Tulid (PN/PBRS), Sook (PN/PBRS), Kapayan (MCA/PBS), Karamunting (MCA/PBS), Paginatan (Umno/PN) and Tanjung Aru (Umno/PBS).

In total, PN comprising Bersatu, Star and SAPP will contest in 29 seats, PBS 15 seats while BN component parties consisting of Umno (31), MCA (4) and PBRS (5) 40 seats.

There are 73 seats up for grab in this state election with nomination set for this Saturday while polling is on Sept 26.

PN, BN and PBS will use their respective symbols in the state election.

On the other side, Warisan Plus comprising Warisan (46), DAP (7) and Amanah (1) will contest in 54 seats and Upko 12 seats, totalling 66 seats.

Warisan Plus ally, Sabah PKR was indecisive on their seats yesterday but later in the evening agreed to take the seven seats assigned to them.

This time Warisan, Upko and PKR too will use their respective logo, while its two other allies, Amanah and DAP are donning Warisan’s logo.-Borneo Gazette

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